How To Apply The Appeal Process In Amazon

Have you joined Amazon as a seller? Have your account got freezed? Well, for every Amazon seller, it is a nightmare that Amazon seller privileges have been removed. The conditions are based on specific circumstances, so your work must be more authentic. The account suspension is relatively high for sellers because the risk of product suppression increases. Suppose your account got freezed accidentally or unknowingly, you are facing an issue. That time you can go for the Amazon appeal process. The risk of suspension depends on various factors; you need to know how to tackle those situations.

What Is The Amazon Appeal Process?

It is a service through which the seller can easily uplift the restrictions and start selling again. There can be various reasons for account freeze, for example, violations of terms and conditions, not focusing on selling rather than committing mistakes repeatedly. It is the duration where your products will not be visible to the users. It will reduce the listing of products, and the account will get frozen automatically.

There can be conditions where customers complain about the product’s inauthenticity, expiry dates, or negative experience. All these situations directly deal with account freezing. To overcome such a problem, you must appeal to Amazon for your account and proceed positively.

Why Suspension?

Your account may be suspended, and you need to recover it again. This process is known as cancelling Amazon seller account, at this time, you should be ready with a proper explaination and reasons. Some of the reasons why your account gets suspended are as follows.

Whenever negative feedback is inclined towards them, your account will get freezed. If this process continues, the account will be suspended, and you must create a new one. There might be certain conditions that you are selling some prohibited items, negative complaints, and inauthentic products also leads to suspending your Amazon account.

They will provide a few more reasons, like opening a new account after suspension, receiving the rights owner’s notice, selling more counterfeit items, and selling the used items as new ones. The complaint can be regarding wrong things or creating duplicate items and selling them online. These are a few more conditions that they can rely on.

The suspension of the account can be due to some more reasons also. Order defect rate(ODR) defines the percentage of orders with more than one customer indicating poor service. The late shipment is also one reason, and the delivery time is detrimental to the consumer relationship. Due to slow response time, also amazon can suspend your account. If customer complaint hours proceed to 24 hours, your budget can also get frozen.

How To File An Appeal?

Just follow a few steps to file an appeal. Visit the Amazon site and click on performance and ‘Account Health.’  At the top of the Account health page, you will notice the ‘Reactivate your account’ section. Click on that, follow the instructions, and submit the appeal and supporting documents. Click on the submit button, and your appeal process is completed.

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