Tips for Selecting the Best Mobile Dust Suppression Unit

With many factors to consider and lots of options in the market, buying the right portable dust suppression unit can be difficult. The good news is that choosing reliable dust control units, like those from BossTek, is easy if you know what to look for. This article will walk you through the best tips for choosing the correct mobile dust suppression unit for your construction site. This way, you will only choose top-performing dust control units at affordable prices.

Electric vs. Fuel-operated portable dust suppression units: choose what works for you

Whether you choose an electric or a fuel-operated dust suppression unit, consider the pros and cons of each type. Electric dust suppression units don’t require refueling and have fewer moving parts than fuel-operated systems. For this reason, they require less maintenance. However, you can only use electric units in locations with electricity. On the other hand, dust suppression units with fuel engines can operate in various settings without convenient power sources. However, regular refueling and many maintenance practices are the greatest downsides of fuel-operated dust suppression systems. If you choose a fuel-operated unit, ensure the fuel tank is big enough to run for hours without refueling. Alternatively, you can buy a hybrid model if you want to enjoy the benefits of both electric and fuel-operated dust control units. A hybrid dust suppression unit is electric and has a fuel generator. You get to work with either electricity or fuel, whichever is convenient at a given time.

Know the size of dust particles you’re dealing with

The size of dust in your construction site determines what suppression unit works for you. The size of dust particles in your site and the size of water droplets from a dust control system must be almost the same. Otherwise, suppression will not occur due to the slipstream effect. The dust suppression unit you choose should be able to suppress the size of dust particles size generated on your site. Since most airborne dust particles are between 50 and 200 μm, the size of water droplets from a dust control unit should also be in this range. It all comes down to the system’s nozzle, fan, and pump. Most portable dust control systems that break water droplets in the range of 50 to 200 μm have features like a 60 HP electric fan motor and atomizing nozzle. Also, they have booster pumps that can achieve pressures as high as 250 pounds per square inch (PSI)

Consider Unique Features that Make a Dust Suppression Unit More Efficient

You’ll appreciate a dust suppression unit that does more than its primary purpose. For example, some dust suppression units function with hand-held remote control, and you can monitor their status on a web-based platform. As a result, interacting with the system becomes seamless. Other systems come with advanced technology that tracks engine hours, run time per day, and operating temperatures to give you readouts of suggested maintenance. The result is a dust system that’s easy to maintain for increased durability and efficient dust control.

Selecting the best mobile dust suppression unit makes controlling dust more efficient on your construction site. By following the tips above you’ll then find a system that’s right for you.

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